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2018 Rugby Camp Weekend : July 27 - 29

Where we teach you all of the important rugby skills Established in 1999


FAQs for RCW

  1. What is rugby camp weekend?

    It is an event that shall not be named.

  2. Why am I being invited?

    Because you are supposed to be there.

  3. What if I can't go?

    Let Gerry know, but be careful - you were invited for a reason and invites are precious.  You could be removed from the invite list if you don't let Gerry know.

  4. How do I get there?

    Secret messages will be forthcoming.  We recommend car pooling. 

  5. Who gets invited?

    Humans that the gnomes like.

  6. Can I talk to anyone about this?

    The first rule of rugby camp weekend is that you can't talk about rugby camp weekend.

  7. I'm confused...and a bit scared.

    Just get in the won't regret it.

  8. Where do I sleep?

    In a tent or on the ground...possibly inside LoopyJ's...

  9. What do I wear?

    Something comfy, durable, flame retardant, water proof, steel toed, leather, button up, breathable, mosquito proof, and can get dirty.

  10. What do I need to bring?

    $40...and cloths if you want to wear them

  11. What do I get for $40?

    All the beer you can drink, all the food you can eat, and all the poopers you can fill for an entire weekend....kinda makes the rugby socials look expensive.

  12. So, there's an ocean?

    Yes.  For the first time ever in the history of RCW, we will compete by the ocean!

  13. Poker chips?

    Right!  Win them. Don't even think about bringing your own...we mark and count them.  Your cheating chips will be disqualified and you will pay a fine.

  14. Where do I find clues?

    This website is a clue.

    Click, read, print, will have questions about ALL of it!

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  1. How much beer is in a keg?

    Keg Specifications for U.S. 1/2 Barrel (Standard Keg)

    • 12 oz. Case Equivalent = 6.8 Cases
    • 12 oz./can or bottle Servings= 165
    • 16 oz./pint servings= 124

    Other Dimensions of a Keg of Beer.

    • Full Keg Weight = 160.5 Pounds
    • Empty Keg Weight = 29.7 Pounds
    • Beer Weight = 130.8 Pounds
    • Height of Keg = 23.3 Inches
    • Diameter of Keg = 16.0 - 17.0 Inches
    • Contents in Gallons = 15.5 Gallons
    • Contents in Liters = 58.7 Liters

  2. What is the oldest brewery in the USA?

    Yuengling in Pottstown, PA

  3. If you are drinking a cow, a squirrel, or hare, what beer are you drinking?

    New Glarus from New Glarus, WI

  4. What's Beer Hunt?

    An excuse to run around tied together trying to find hidden beer cans and consume as much beer as you can for as fast as you can and then tackle the opposing team to obtain the last can of beer so your team will get more points to win the grand prize...or it's just going out to get more beer....I can't remember.  This part of the weekend is always foggy.

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  1. Who are the gnomes?

    I can't tell you.

  2. How do I become a gnome?

    Try this site

  3. What's with the cats?

    We don't really know for sure, but it's kind of a lonely old lesbian way...

    Besides, gnomes like to eat them apparently.

  4. How do I obtain a gnome?

    You must either:

    a) Steal a gnome (aka: liberate)*
    b) Receive it as a gift**
    *Never, Never steal a gnome from a fellow gnome-lover...only from complete strangers
    **Only Jenny Menke can buy her own gnome...'cause she is funny that way.

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